Oracle OSB-SOA-BPEL Interview Question and Answer – Part 17

In this article, we will discuss interview question with their justification on Oracle OSB, SOA and BPEL

This is part-17 of Oracle OSB-SOA-BPEL interview question series

Q) What is Mediator ?

Mediator – message routing and transformation & filtering capabilities

  • The Mediator is in charge of interconnecting, within an SOA composite application, components that expose different interfaces
  • In addition, the Mediator can perform duties such as filtering and making routing decisions
  • The composite editor in JDeveloper gives you the flexibility to define the interface now, to choose an existing interface, or to define the interface later as you wire components to the Mediator
  • Transforming data from one representation to another is, along with routing, one of the key functions of the Mediator

Q) What are the Oracle Mediator features ?

  • Event Handling
  • Content-based and Header-based routing
  • Synchronous/Asynchronous interactions
  • Service Virtualization
  • Validations
  • Transformations
  • Error Handling
  • Shematron

Q) Difference between ESB and Mediator ?

  • In 10g for routing, separate router need to keep along with ESB for routing and filter expressions
  • Where as in 11g mediator contains routing rules and filter expressions itself

Q) Difference between OSB and Mediator ?


  • Light weight intra composite mediation
  • Domain Value mapping and Xref (cross referencing) support
  • Capability to create data type assertions in XML trees
  • Message transformation using XSLT
  • Development within Jdeveloper


  • Larger, more heavy weight inter composite enterprise service bus
  • Serves as a logical proxy to physical services effectively providing service virtualization
  • Message throttling, service pooling and reliable messaging
  • Message transformation using XQuery and XSLT
  • Eclipse/OEPE or web console based development

Q) Difference between SOA suite 10g and 11g ?

  • Basically all the SOA components like BPEL, ESB (Called Mediator in 11g), & OWSM are brought into one place in 11g using SCA composite concept
  • The major difference between 10g & 11g would be the app server container. 10g by default runs on OC4J while 11g runs on Weblogic Server

Q) What is Dynamic Routing in Mediator ?

  • When we want to route to different endpoint URI (or different services) based on different business requirements, then we can set dynamic routing to mediator by creating Rules Dictionary and then wiring to mediator

Q) What are the types of routing exist in Mediator ?

  • Static routing
  • Dynamic routing

Q) What is schematron validation ?

  • You can specify Schematron files for validating an inbound message and its various parts
  • Schematron version 1.5 is the supported version

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