Java: String hashCode() method

In this article, we will discuss how to get hash code for any string using String’s hashCode() method


hashCode() method: This String method is used to get hash code for invoking string. The hash code for a string object is computed as

s[0]*31^(n-1) + s[1]*31^(n-2) + ... + s[n-1]

using int arithmetic, where

  • s[i] –> is the ith character of the string,
  • n –> is the length of the string, and
  • ^ –> indicates exponentiation

Note: The hash value of the empty string is zero (0)


Method Signature:

public int hashCode();



  • Returns a hash code for the invoking string of int data-type


Examples on hashCode() method:

Sample Java program to get hash code for the invoking string

package in.bench.resources.string.methods;

public class StringHashCodeMethod {

	public static void main(String[] args) {

		String str = "BenchResources.Net";
		System.out.println("Hash Code value : " + str.hashCode());


Hash Code value : 1514055172





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