Creating Maven-based project for Spring MVC web application in Eclipse Kepler IDE

In this article, we will learn through step-by-step example to set up a maven-based project for Spring MVC web application in Eclipse Kepler IDE


  • Eclipse Kepler IDE
  • Spring-4.0.0-RELEASE
  • Maven 3.0.4
  • Java 1.7

Step 1: Make sure you have latest eclipse IDE or else download from eclipse site
If you got the latest eclipse IDE, then you can proceed to next step

Step 2: Open Eclipse IDE
File Menu–> New–> Others

Step 3: After clicking Others, will opens “select a wizard
Type spring–> select Spring Project–> Next3__Maven_Eclipse_Kepler

Step 4: Provide some meaningful project name like “SpringMVC-XMLBased” or
“SpringMVC-AnnotationBased à select “Simple Spring Web Maven” template à click “Finish”

Step 5: Run maven command “mvn clean” & “mvn install” for downloading dependent jars (assuming maven is integrated with the eclipse kepler IDE)

Step 6: A sample maven-based Spring MVC web project is ready to do implementation & you will get to see the below screenshot once above steps are completed successfully

Conclusion: We have created sample web application with maven integrated for Spring MVC framework. i.e.; project structure


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