RestEasy-3.0.x.Final – A JAX-RS specification to implement RestFul web services

RestEasy is a JAX-RS implementation for developing Restful web service in java by JBoss / RedHat

Detailed explanations about Restful web services see here

Various version of RestEasy can be found here about their documentations, javadocs, examples, etc

In the following RestEasy series, we will develop Restful web service using RestEasy-3.0.8.Final version and deploy it apache tomcat web server 7.0.54 and also understand what are the changes required to deploy it in the JBoss Application server 7.1.1.Final in the last section of every articles

Each of the following RestEasy articles will demonstrates how to invoke these developed/deployed Restful web service using Java client (from JBoss RestEasy package)

RestEasy: JAX-RS web service using @PathParam annotation