Java JDBC: Driver Types

In this article, we will learn and understand different types of JDBC driver


JDBC Driver

  • JDBC Driver are a mean to interact with database from Java application
  • In other words, JDBC driver are implementation of interfaces provided by JDBC API to interact with different databases on various platforms


JDBC Driver Types

JDBC Drivers are categorized mainly into 4 types. These are

  • Type 1 : JDBC-ODBC Bridge driver
  • Type 2 : Native-API driver
  • Type 3 : Network Protocol driver
  • Type 4 : Network or Thin driver
 Type  Driver  Translates
1 JDBC-ODBC bridge JDBC calls into ODBC calls
2 Native API JDBC calls into native database API calls
3 Network Protocol Middleware translates JDBC calls into database specific calls
4 Thin (Network Driver) JDBC calls directly into database calls

Note: Out of 4 types of JDBC drivers, network/thin driver are most commonly used in today’s industries


Type 4: Network or Thin driver

  • There is no requirement to install database client
  • It takes only network information of database (server IP address, server port, database name) and connects directly to database from java application
  • Below figure depicts skeleton of type-4 driver


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