Oracle SOA 12c: Installation steps using single installer

In this article, we will go through installation steps for SOA 12c or Service Oriented Architecture 12c which comprises both SOA suite and Service Bus

Prior to 12c, in 11g we have to follow several steps before actually installing SOA suite, OSB (Service Bus) and configuring domain. These steps are listed below in incremental order

          Step 1: Install Oracle XE or Oracle 11g database
          Step 2: Run RCU scripts
          Step 3: Install Oracle Weblogic for Oracle SOA 11g
          Step 4: Install Oracle SOA Suite
          Step 5: Install OSB
          Step 6: Weblogic domain creation for both SOA & OSB
          Step 7: Install JDeveloper 11g
          Step 8: To work in SOA & BPM from JDeveloper, download/install extension through JDev

Oracle reworked to get all these components in one place i.e.; they collaborated all into single bundle (single installer) with various options


SOA 12c installation steps

Step 1: Download Service Oriented Architecture suite 12c from Oracle SOA Suite download page

Download from Oracle site
Accept the License Agreement

Note: Make sure you have login credentials with Oracle, otherwise register to get it downloaded

A single ZIP file with name “fmw_12.” of size approximately 2.97 GB will be downloaded which has two JAR files namely,



Step 2: Installing Oracle SOA suite requires JAVA_HOME set in the windows environment with version jdk1.7.0_55 or higher

Check whether Java is installed in the windows environment using command prompt

Command: java -version

Note: If the installed JDK version is not matching the required criteria then download the latest version and install in the system

Download latest JDK from Oracle site


Step 3: Actual SOA suite 12c installation from windows command prompt

Open the command prompt using the option “Run as administrator” by right-clicking on the cmd.exe


Step 4: In the newly opened command prompt, change directory to the location where we have placed/saved the extracted SOA suite 12c installer

Run below command to start/launch the installer from that location

Command: “%JAVA_HOME%”\bin\java -jar fmw_12.
Directory location: D:\SOASuiteDownloads\fmw_12.>

Note: double quotes (“) is very much required while firing the above command

Reason: Java by default installed at the location “C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_75” and to overcome single whitespace between Program and Files we need to put it into double quotes



Step 6: Once extracting the launch installer, you will get the quick start installation wizard for Oracle SOA suite 12c

Click Next


Step 7: This wizard requires an “Oracle_Home” to be set

By default, it picks the location “C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home

In this demo, we will change it to D drive i.e.; “D:\Oracle\soa12c” (for space adjustment purpose, otherwise installation stops mid-way)

Click Next


Step 8: Here in the step 3 of wizard, installer check for the system certification and java version

If all looks good, then move to next step

Click Next


Step 9: This step shows installation summary for Oracle SOA suite 12c

Go through the summary list once, if all looks fine then proceed to next step

Click Install –> which starts the actual Oracle SOA suite 12c installation in windows environment

Note: optionally, you can save the response file


Step 10: This wizard box shows the installation progress status, where it copies the required files to your system

Note: It takes several minutes to complete this step, by the time you can grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the caffeine effect

After installation progress is 100% –> click Next


Step 11: The last wizard shows the installation summary

Optionally, you can check the “Start JDeveloper” to start on successful installation of Oracle SOA suite 12c

Click Finish


Step 12: Once clicking Finish in the previous step –> launches the “JDeveloper IDE” for you and prompts to select the role

Select “Studio Developer(All Features)” role


Step 13: Finally, we are done with successful installation of Oracle SOA suite 12c and starting with Oracle JDeveloper IDE 12c

Note: Optionally, it allows to imports older JDeveloper settings before starting

In the next article, we will list out different types of domain configuration


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