Oracle WebLogic: Steps to create Connection Factory and Topic

In this article, we will go through steps to create Connection Factory and Topic in Oracle Weblogic in detail

Connection Factory and Topic created here will be used in the following article to demonstrate <OSB 12c JMS Transport example using Topic>


Windows 7 OS – 32 bit


Oracle Weblogic application server is already installed in Windows 7 OS environment


Connection Factory and Topic creation steps

Step 1: Login to already installed Oracle Weblogic application server using correct credentials

Once admin server is started, you can access the home page using below URL

Enter either of the following URL in to web browser

http://localhost:7101/console OR

And enter username/password (weblogic/weblogic@123)

Note: Follow this article, if already Oracle Weblogic application server is not installed

Click here for domain creation steps



Step 2: Home page of the Oracle WebLogic 12c



Step 3: Follow this article, for creating new JMS Module and Connection Factory

And then next step is to create Topic in weblogic, which we will continue from below step


Step 4: Click New –> to create new Topic under JMS Module –> TestJMSModule

Navigate to Home –> Messaging –> JMS module –> TestJMSModule –> click New



Step 5: Select Topic from available options –> to create new Topic under TestJMSModule

And then click Next



Step 6: Provide suitable name for Topic and its JNDI name, for example,

Queue Name: TestTopic

JNDI Name: jms/test/TestTopic

And then click Next



Step 7: Select already available Sub deployment or else click “Create a New Subdeployment” to create new Sub deployment

And also select existing JMS target servers, in this demo example SOAJMSServer

And then click Finish



Step 8: Finally, new Topic TestTopic has been created successfully



In the next article<link>, we will code Java client to publish messages to topic and consume messages by subscribing to topic

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