Apache Maven: Co-ordinates explained

In this article, we will understand about maven co-ordinates

What is Maven Co-ordinates?

<groupId>:<artifactId>:<version> defines a maven co-ordinate for any maven module in local or central or remote repositories

This combination needs to be unique, to distinctly identify maven artifacts from other artifacts in any of the repositories (local/central/remote)

For example, maven co-ordinate for spring-core module is

groupId –> org.springframework
artifactId –> spring-core
version –> 4.1.3.RELEASE

Above co-ordinate added as <dependency> under <dependencies> tag in pom.xml as below


Now, there won’t be any other maven module with same co-ordinates other than this

How can we search Maven co-ordinates?

Initially users/developers who are all just started to understand and getting hold of maven will find it difficult to search maven co-ordinates for their project requirements

In fact, it takes time to understand exactly which maven co-ordinate should we use for our project requirements

But with experience, everything gets sorted out and makes developers life easy –> that’s beauty of the maven J

To search Maven co-ordinate

There are various website from where we can look upon to get the required co-ordinates for our requirements

Central repository: http://search.maven.org/
This website is developed and maintained by ‘Apache Software Foundation‘ and it’s contributed by many Maven users

Maven repository: http://mvnrepository.com/
This is another one to find Maven co-ordinate

And there are various third party sites to host their specific modules i.e.; Remote repositories

Still un-successful: Call the help of Google



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