Eclipse + Maven: mvn eclipse:eclipse command

In this article, we will explore about one of the maven command “eclipse:eclipse

Actually this command is no longer required with latest versions of Eclipse IDE like Kepler, Luna or Mars

If maven is not integrated with Eclipse IDE like in older versions Indigo or Helios, then we can still use maven and bring dependencies into Eclipse

Note: Although, we can integrate maven with Eclipse manually using Marketplace or m2eplugin


Assume we have created java based project outside Eclipse IDE i.e.; using maven archetype from command prompt. This is just a template, to add actual code we have to import it to eclipse environment [though not necessarily]

And added couple of spring dependencies to pom.xml

To import project into Eclipse IDE

Step 1: New –> Import –> General –> Existing Project into Workspace


Step 2: Browse through the project that we have created using maven archetype


Step 3: Upon importing into Eclipse workspace –> dependencies aren’t imported with project

Run “mvn eclipse:eclipse” command –> to update with dependencies


Final project with dependencies



Happy Coding !!
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