Eclipse + Maven: M2_REPO is Non Modifiable

In previous article, we have covered how to set M2_REPO classpath variable for maven dependencies resolution in Eclipse IDE

Sometimes by default M2_REPO classpath variable comes added with Eclipse IDE, especially in the newer versions like Kepler, Luna or Mars OR if you install maven plugins to older versions of Eclipse IDE like Juno or Indigo

Although, its seems to be good news with pre-built Maven integration with Eclipse IDE but the annoying thing is –> this is doesn’t point to correct maven local repository location and in addition to this, classpath variable M2_REPO is non-modifiable

Are there are any solutions to rectify it?
Very well, we can modify this classpath variable but not directly –> there is way to go

Let’s see what is the solution to correct it

Step 1: Open Eclipse IDE –> Windows –> Preferences



Step 2: Maven –> Users Settings

User Settings (open file)
Browse through the correct “settings.xml” file –> Click “Update Settings

Local Repository (from merged user and global settings)
This is will update the “Local Repository” location –> picking the value of <localRepository> tag from the settings.xml


That’s all ….. automatically everything will get updated

Happy Coding !!
Happy Learning !!

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