How to open editor using CTRL+E in Eclipse IDE

In this article, we will discuss how to open file editor out of all opened files in Eclipse IDE using shortcut keys CTRL + E


Need of CTRL + E (Open Editor):

  • Often times, we open number of files like .java, .xml, .jsp, etc. inside Eclipse IDE
  • And sometime we want to navigate through already opened files but it is not seen in the front
  • Then, to open this file again either we have navigate through project or else do Open Type (CTRL +SHIFT +T) or Open Resource (CTRL +SHIFT +R) depending on the file extension
  • To make developer life easy, Eclipse brings easy shortcut keys which helps to browse through all opened files and open it in front editor for working/modifying


Opening Editor in Eclipse IDE:

Step 1: Assume that there are number of files opened already in Eclipse IDE

Step 2: We want to open file named “mvc-rest-dispatcher-servlet.xml

Press CTRL + E simultaneously

Step 3: use up-arrow and down-arrow keys to select desired file named “mvc-rest-dispatcher-servlet.xml

Step 4: Desired file is opened in front editor

Here, it is!!




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