Eclipse IDE – How to clean projects ?

In this article, we will discuss how to clean projects in Eclipse IDE

1. To clean projects in Eclipse IDE :

  • Go to Menu option –> Select Project –> click Clean…
  • Note: The same can also be achieved by clicking CTRL + S (save) simultaneously in Eclipse IDE

Clicking Clean options in Eclipse IDE provides 2 options, which allows to select desired projects to be cleaned, as explained with screen-capture in the below examples.

2. Clean projects options in Eclipse IDE :

  1. Clean all projects –> cleans all projects in work-space
  2. Clean projects selected below –> cleans only one selected project using radio button

Q) What is the main functionality behind cleaning the projects ?

  • It simply removes all .class
  • Recompiles all Java files w.r.t Java projects
  • And resolves any errors being shown with red-cross mark, if it’s appropriate type-dependency or reference-type are available

3. Useful Eclipse IDE shortcuts :

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