Java compiler compliance level issue in Eclipse IDE

In this article, we will discuss Java compiler compliance level issue in Eclipse IDE

Sometimes, when we work on Eclipse IDE then there is possibly that we might get compiler compliance level issue

Reason: this is because of difference in installed JRE which is used for compilation and compiler compliance level set for respective project


Let us see one issue with screen-capture from Eclipse IDE

In the above example,

  • We have used generics which is introduced in Java 1.5 version
  • Also, installed JRE for this project is set to Java 1.6 version
  • But still compile-time error is thrown stating “Change project compliance and JRE to 1.5
  • Solution: go to Project Properties and check Java Compiler compliance level
  • If it is set to a lower version, then change it to a required version and compile again


Path to go to Project Properties:

Right click on Project –> click Properties –> Java Compiler –> Change Compiler compliance level to required level

For example, Java 1.6 version for this case to work

Select 1.6 version from drop-down list and click Apply

When Apply is clicked, then dialog box will appear with message/information “The compiler settings have changed. A rebuild of the project is required for changes to take effect. Build the project now?

Click Yes and finally OK

All issues related to compiler compliance level will be resolved now


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