Eclipse IDE + Apache Maven integration

In this article, we will integrate Apache Maven a popular build tool with Eclipse IDE

This is only required for the “Juno (3.8/4.2)” version or lower versions like Indigo (3.7), Helios (3.6), etc

With versions starting from Kepler (4.3) and higher versions like Luna (4.4) or Mars (4.5) –> don’t require these steps to be followed as Maven comes built-in with these versions

Note: Current stable release is Luna (4.4) and this is available for all platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris

Lets walk through step-by-step for integrating maven with Eclipse IDE (Juno version) in Windows environment

There are two ways

  • Eclipse Marketplace…
  • Install New Software…

Way 1: Eclipse Marketplace…


Step 1: Open Eclipse IDE (Juno version)



Step 2: Eclipse –> Help menu –> Eclipse Marketplace…



Step 3: Click Eclipse Marketplace…



Step 4: Type “m2eclipse” in Find box and hit enter –> it will pull all matching plugins from eclipse marketplace



Step 5: Install “Maven Integration for Eclipse WTP (Juno)



Step 6: Check “plugins” to be installed –> click Next

Note: It’s better to check all boxes and install at once



Step 7: Select “I accept the terms of the license agreements” –> click Finish



Step 8: Installation in progress




Step 9: After installing required plugins –> eclipse will prompt to restart IDE again to take effects of new changes

Click “Yes” to restart the Eclipse IDE



Step 10: To verify whether Maven successfully installed in the Eclipse IDE (Juno version)

Go to Eclipse –> Windows –> Preferences



Step 11: If “Maven” listed on the left hand side –> then Maven installed successfully



Step 12: To create Maven based project from wizard

Go to Eclipse –> File –> New –> Others –> type “Maven


That’s all for the Way one, now let’s move on to Way-2


Way 2: Install New Software…


Step 1: Open Eclipse IDE (Juno version)



Step 2: Eclipse –> Help menu –> Install New Software…



Step 3: Install New Software wizard



Step 4: Enter the link “” into Work with –> hit enter

Check “Maven Integration for Eclipse” –> Click Next



Step 5: View the installation details –> Click Next

Step 6: I accept for the license –> Click Next

Step 7: Restart Eclipse IDE to take effects of new changes

That’s all with our Way-2

Conclusion: We have liberty of walking either way for installing Maven to Eclipse IDE


Eclipse Software Wiki

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